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mardi, avril 14, 2009


J'étudie beaucoup ces temps-ci quelques maîtres en illustration de la fin du 19eme siècle, dont Edmund Dulac et Harry Clarke. à regarder ce dernier je me suis mis à pratiquer à faire des motifs. C'est assez intéressant comme exercice. Ensuite j'en ai profité pour faire une carte de fête.

I've been studying some 19s illustration master Edmund Dulac and Harry Clarke. That last one has a very decorative style, that inspired me to explore doing motif. In a sense anything there is to be seen is a sort of motif or has some in it for example a tree without leaves, there's a pattern, never exactly the same but same kind of rythme. By doing some random pattern i could see some resemblance with some realistic ones. I've done those in a bus and it was shaky. In a way it worked too not to be stable to draw!

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  1. Superbe Martin ! Un fort belle exercice, très bien maitrisé !